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Simply enter any text and our powerful AI-detection tool will analyze if it was created by an AI.

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    Detect ChatGPT, GPT-4, LLaMA

    Instantly check if text is AI-generated by models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, or LLaMA.

    Detailed Insights

    Get in-depth analysis and insights on AI-generated text, including confidence scores and key indicators.

    Reliable Plagiarism Check

    Trained on diverse AI-generated content, our model accurately detects plagiarism.

    Uses for our AI writing detector

    Research papers
    Take care and double check the content in your essays and reports using our AI Detector Tool. With the proliferation of AI content, you can never be too careful when pulling in information from different sources.
    Avoid potential run-ins with plagiarism by closely checking any assignments. With our AI Detector, you can quickly tell how likely your writing will be flagged.
    Blog posts
    Human-written content is higher trust, and performs better for SEO than AI content. Use our AI Detector before publishing to ensure your content is original and high-quality.
    Marketing copy
    If your marketing copty is AI-generated, the same phrasing could also show up in the materials of other companies. Prevent embarrassing duplications with the most reliable AI Detector available.

    26% more accurate than alternatives

    The most accurate AI writing detector.

    Worried about the quality of your research paper source, or concerned about your homework assignment being flagged for AI content? Meet our AI Detector tool, perfect for checking any type of content. Julius is the most accurate AI writing detection tool on the market today — in a recent test, Julius was over 26% more accurate than the leading alternative.

    From research papers to business content, Julius is the ultimate AI writing detector. With features like a quantitative ML-based algorithmic score and a qualitative sentence structure breakdown, you'll never get in trouble because of accidentally included AI content again.

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