Data Privacy and Security

Our security measures

We at Julius respect your data privacy and are strongly committed to keeping secure any data we are provided. Below are several best practices we have implemented to protect your data.

  • Secure access controls. Files are stored temporarily to user specific temporary workspaces which are deleted after an hour of inactivity.
  • Sandboxed execution. Even our Python code execution environments are sandboxed by user.
  • Default encryption at rest. All data sources that are connected to Julius are protected by encryption at the storage layer using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, AES-256.
  • Complete control. Whenever you delete a data source, all traces of the data are completely erased from our servers.

OpenAI's API data policy

Our main service provider, OpenAI, mirrors our dedication to data security. OpenAI employs best-in-class technical protections and maintains robust encryption for data security in transit. Below, you'll find more about how OpenAI's security measures work to protect your information.

  • OpenAI will not use data submitted via their API to train or improve their models.
  • Any data sent through to OpenAI via their API will be retained for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes for a maximum of 30 days, after which it will be deleted (unless otherwise required by law).
  • The OpenAI API is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and has been audited by an independent third-party auditor against the 2017 Trust Services Criteria for Security.
  • For more information on OpenAI's API data privacy and security measures, you can read their API data usage policies. If you are interested in data privacy information regarding the data sent to ChatGPT through our plugin, you can view OpenAI's privacy policy for its consumer applications here.

Anthropic's API data policy

Anthropic is another service vendor of ours. Similar to OpenAI, Anthropic also does not use data sent to their API to train their model. If you are interested in diving into Anthropic's privacy policy further, you can read it in full here.

Our terms of service

At Julius, we value your trust, and we deeply understand the importance of protecting your data privacy and security. Our terms are designed to help you understand our processes, the care we invest in your data, and how we create a safe and secure service. You can view our TOS here.